Hair and Beauty Essentials

My fabulous hairdresser Grace, introduced me to Kerastase Resistance recently and I can’t believe the difference it has made to my hair. It is more expensive than hair products I have used previously, but I am hooked! We often spend substantial sums having our hair coloured but then scrimp on the products we use at home. 

My favourite products are Nectar Thermique which makes my hair extremely soft and Ciment Thermique which protects my hair from heat from my hairdryer and GHDs.

My friend Georgina bought me Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer which is terrific for strengthening hair and really easy to use. 

On trend Georgina also introduced me to Beautiful Skin from No7. It’s a hydration face mask, which looks like marshmallows and feels and smells great. My skin always feels so smooth after using it.

For a glowing, radiant look after a mask and before applying makeup, try one of the Botanics Radiance range. I only use a tiny amount and the result is soft, shimmering skin. 
The best daily moisturiser I have found is Neutrogena – it doesn’t leave my skin oily and is perfect if you want to use makeup straight after applying. Neutrogena also make a fabulous Rapid Clear Treatment which is essential for any blemishes. 
Another great product to use prior to applying makeup is Maybelline Baby Skin. I sometimes use it instead of moisturiser, it fills any pores making it a perfect base before using foundation. 
If you ever find that your eye make up irritates your eyes, try using No7 Stay Precise liquid liner, Bourjois Khol and No7 sensitive mascara – they are produced for sensitive eyes, the results are terrific and there is no compromise on appearance.

I am a big lip balm fan and one of the best that I have found is Norwegian Fomula, it is one of my all time essentials. For a treat, Tom Ford’s Blush Nude has to be the ultimate in lipstick. It is lovely to apply and it smells divine!

There are many makeup removers on the market but the most effective one I have found is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water; it is not harsh on skin, is really effective in removing all traces of makeup and does not leave skin dry or oily.  

Do you have any desert island product essentials? I would love to hear about them so do leave a comment below…

Thanks for reading, liking, sharing!

Victoria x



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