Drink In Brighton

Last week, I was recommended to check out ‘Drink In Brighton‘.

It was a glorious walk down memory lane!  I used to live in Brighton and if you haven’t been, it’s an Aladdin’s cave of eclectic and groundbreaking discoveries. Whether you are looking for clothes, jewellery, events, art or eateries you will find the most unique choice in the lively seaside city.

(Yes, it is a city!  And for a true delight seek out this little treasure written by my old boss, Dr Anthony Seldon – click on book if you would like it for your bookshelf!)

Brave New City by Dr A Seldon

As I made my way through the family tree of trendy pubs and bars that form @drinkinbtn the familiar venues triggered colourful memories from my outlandish time there…

…New Year’s Eve at the Open House – a fabulous place to see in a new year, as it gives you a terrific sense of being at a house party.

Open House
Open House, 146 Springfield Road, Brighton, BN1 6BZ

…after work drinks on sunny days at the Thomas Kemp…it was also my old local when I lived on pretty College Street in Kemp Town.

Thomas Kemp, 8 St Georges Road, Brighton, BN2 1EB

…pre-party drinks at the Sidewinder, a great spot for huge groups of friends to meet and plan the night’s fun!

Sidewinder, 65 St James’ Street, Brighton, BN2 1JN

…the Fishbowl where I spent a mid-week birthday, celebrating with friends and eating fish and chips!

Fishbowl, 74 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HQ

The list goes on and I could wax lyrical about these vibrant hubs all day, but instead I have decided to book a weekend away and visit some/all (!) or as many of @drinkinbtn venues as I can.

Who knows, maybe the Signalman will become a new favourite and by the looks of it, I don’t think I will be disappointed!

Signalman, 76 Ditchling Rise, Brighton, BN1 4QQ

If you are a lover of all things Brighton, and can recommend any bars, clubs, restaurants or nights out that are fun, do please leave a comment below so that others can enjoy all that is brilliant about the Brave New City!


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